Quality & Control 

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Research and Development

Extensive laboratory facilities backed by the latest technological instruments enables the company to monitor quality parameters at every stage.

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Preparatory Department

After procuring grey yarn is tested in our house lab for various parameters like fibre length, appearance, strength etc.

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Weaving Department

Weaving is a method of fabric production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.

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Printing Department

12 Color rotary printing maching of printing width UPTO 320 CMS, with different reprint size of rollers like 25.25 inches, 32 inches, 36 inches & 40 inches, capable of reactive & pigment printing. 

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Dyeing Department

We have 20 jumbo jiggers to dye any kind of fabric with different finishes. The softness can be achieved as per the client’s requirement.

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Effluent Treatment Plant

The goal of this innovation was to separate wastewater discharges in a textile manufacturing company so that relatively clean water could be reused in the technological process, polluted water is transported through a heat exchanger to utilise its heat.

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Quilting Unit

Amko offers both hand quilting and machine quilting options.Machine Quilting- There are a total of 5 single needle quilting machines and 1 multi needle quilting plus embroidery machine


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Stitching Unit

After receive the garments components from cutting section, all the garments parts are joined and sewn as sequentially. Obviously all the components are sewn respects on buyer requirement.

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Packaging Department

While all packaging tables are similar in function, every packaging bench is unique to its own set of issues. Sometime even within a packing and shipping department, the workstations vary because of the size and scope of the packaging operation.

Product Development

The product development section is a window for new buyers in term of pricing, sampling and information collection.The department provides assistance on a micro level, something that is essential to the growth of any account.


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