ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) Department

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ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

ETP Department

Separation of wastewater discharges in dyeing department.

The goal of this innovation was to separate wastewater discharges in a textile manufacturing company so that relatively clean water could be reused in the technological process, polluted water is transported through a heat exchanger to utilise its heat. The innovation has been generated and implemented at a textile manufacturing company performing all operations from thread preparation to fabric finishing processes. The operations include preparation for dyeing and printing with washing and strengthening, giving shape and exterior to fabrics.

The fabric finishing process consumes the largest amount of energy, water, steam and chemicals, hence, the environment is affected most of all as compared to other departments. However, it is impossible to avoid wastewater from the dyeing department.

To address this problem, a technology for separation of wastewater discharges was introduced: relatively clean water is reused in technological processes, polluted water is transported through the heat exchanger to use its heat.

Two systems were installed to facilitate wastewater separation:

The first system : After washing operation, relatively clean wastewater is transported to the tanks and reused in the technological process by means of a pump.

The second system : After dyeing operation, polluted wastewater is collected in a wastewater tank. A submerged pump transports wastewater through two heat exchangers for soft water heating.


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